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A luminous,
future-oriented present.

Our present is born from a historic heritage and a strong tradition of passion, essential values which are reflected in our yachts. Falcon Yachts honours its past and continues to be a reference point in
the international Superyachts industry.

Our history inspires us and shows us the way towards our renewal: “future tradition” with innovative lines and artisan production, to satisfy yacht owners today and tomorrow.



Falcon Yachts’ class stems from a synergy of strength and style. Essential design characterised by timeless elegance, distinguishing itself with vigour.


The refinement of Italian artisanship and innovative research technology are fundamental at Falcon Yachts, where we celebrate freedom without compromise and a true spirit of adventure. At Falcon Yachts, the study of shape is never for its own sake, it stems from scrupulous functional analysis and expresses the seamless convergence of aesthetic harmony and safety..

Performance at the sea is the ultimate goal, along with the tangible joy of quality and the liveability of spaces.

The strength of an international group.

In 2019 the yachting division of an international group based in the Middle East acquired the Freehold of a facility in Navicelli, Pisa, and proceeded to renovate, equip and transform it into a state of the art shipyard.


In February 2020 the same group acquired the Falcon Yachts brand and undertook a process of renewal and development, focusing on designing and building steel and aluminium Superyachts in the 40-50 m segment.


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Falcon Yachts: the value of heritage and passion.