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Falcon Shipyard
The value of Heritage and passion.

The Falcon shipyard

The Falcon Shipyard is located in Pisa Navicelli, a strategic position adjacent to Pisa’s Galileo Galilei airport, close to the A 11 Firenze-Mare motorway and major railway lines.


The Falcon shipyard is the only  freehold in the area. Of a total surface area of 11,000 sqm, 4,000 sqm are outdoors with 86m on the canal leading to the Port of Livorno.

The shipyard has 3 hangars, each 13 m high. Two, with a surface area of 4525 sqm are dedicated to the fitting and finishing of Falcon models. The third, with a surface area of 1150 m, is for metalwork and  hotworks .


The Falcon team is made up of professionals builders with extensive experience in the construction of yachts and superyachts on the range of 50 mt.

Professionalism and performance to transcend limitations.

The Navicelli Canal

In 1500 Cosimo de’ Medici commissioned the Navicelli Canal to connect Pisa to the port of Livorno. The name originates from the small vessels, called Navicelli, which at the time were used to transport goods. The canal was modified on several occasions to make it deeper and wider.



*Photo Attribution: Mademoiselle de la Morinière, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Navicelli district is one of the most important production zones in the area. The nautical sector that has developed on its shores is practically unrivalled in the Mediterranean.

While industrial, the Navicelli area is adjacent to one of the largest natural parks in Tuscany, Migliarino e San Rossore.
The opening of the Incile barrier gave the Navicelli Canal direct access to the Med, allowing it to achieve full functionality.


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Falcon: the value of heritage and passion.