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Freedom to fly.

Freedom to soar.

Freedom to explore.

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Freedom to fly.

Freedom to soar.

Freedom to explore.

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Original Made in Italy

Falcon 86' made in italy

Falcon has always been synonymous with unique Yachts.

Since Edoardo Spreafico founded Cielo Terra Mare in Milan (CTM Sas) in 1968, we have built Superyachts with a soul, particular essence, exquisite boats manufactured  precisely so that each owner enjoys freedom as an exclusive experience.

From 1968, when Edoardo Spreafico founded Cielo Terra Mare in Milan a company specialized in luxury goods, to the opening in 1988 of Cantieri Navali Falcon in Viareggio, Tuscany, where 250 serious, luxurious and compact fiberglass motor yachts, ranging from 15 to 35 meters, were built.

The hallmarks of Falcon Motor Yachts are globally recognized: classic clean lines, refined interiors made with superior materials and, above all, with exceptional performance at sea.

Initially, production focused on the Falcon 86 ‘and Falcon 90’ models under the Cantieri Navali Falcon brand. In 1992 Falcon Yachts began its journey, as a sister company of legendary Cantieri Navali Falcon, to respond to the growing demand in the Superyacht market, focusing on building larger Falcon models.

Concentrating on superyachts in fiberglass, using high specification materials, Falcon Yachts have always been synonomous with quality. By integrating the most modern technology in the classic lines , by extreme care in every detail. A meticulous process that takes place in house from start to finish.

In this stage, Falcon Yachts concentrated on two models: the Falcon 102 ‘and the Falcon 115’. A legend of tradition and evolution was created, with constant innovation, offering each owner unique, exclusive and truly bespoke Superyachts.

Falcon always maintained a client centric approach and philosophy, from the moment the owner choose their Superyacht, to the manufacturing process and selection of finishes. Today, we continue that philosophy and accompany each client on their journey, with attentive after-sales service and advice.

Each owner is unique. Each person who is part of the great Falcon Yachts team is authentic and supremely experienced. That is why each Falcon Superyacht that leaves our shipyards is and always has been unique.




  • 1968



    CTM- Cielo Terra Marre Sas, was founded in Milan, Italy, by Edoardo Spreafico to sell and manage luxury goods.

  • 1970


    Viareggio Office

    CTM opened the Viareggio Office in Via Petrarca and became official dealer for Versilcraft yachts.

  • 1988


    New brand

    Edoardo Spreafico established his first Shipyard Facility in Viareggio, Cantieri Navali Versil and, launched a new yachting brand FALCON YACHTS.

    Falcon Yachts - the first brand

  • 1991


    Cantieri Navali Falcon

    The facility Cantieri Navali Versil changed name to Cantieri Navali Falcon. The business Cantieri Navali Versil continued to operate as customer of Cantieri Navli Falcon.

  • 1992


    Second Shipyard Facility

    Falcon Yachts Services, a second Shipyard Facility was opened in Viareggio, in response to growing market  demand.

  • 2019


    T-Quest Holdings

    After years of due diligence T-Quest Holdings invests heavily in Italy, purchasing and renewing a prime Shipyard Facility of 11.000 mq. in Pisa, Navicelli Area.

  • 2020


    A new beginning

    The iconic shipyard brand is acquired by T-Quest Holdings. A new beginning for Falcon Yachts.

    Falcon Yachts - A new begining

The Company

A new beginning

Future tradition

Respecting the heritage and tradition means setting the foundations for a bright future. Each owner is unique. Each person who is part of the Falcon Yachts team is authentic. That is why each Falcon Superyacht that leaves our shipyards is and always has been unique.

Today’s Falcon Yachts respects the legacy and heritage of iconic Italian shipbuilding, a reference point recognised in the Superyacht industry all over the world.

Falcon Yachts draws inspiration from a glorious past and today’s brand image embraces the owners of yesteryear, like those of tomorrow, with the aim to contunue the tradition for each newly creafted Superyacht model.

Clear lines, strength, elegance, world-class engineering, sustainability and symmetrical balance are the style essentials for the latest range of custom Falcon yachts now developed in the  40 to 52 mt segment, adding steel and aluminum to fiberglass production.

Luxury Superyachts in which their owners can navigate feeling confidence and freedom, living the adventure of  our greatest treasure, our oceans.

In 2020 T-Quest Holdings, a powerful Middle East group with investments in several projects around the world acquired the brand.

As an international player, T-Quest Holdings is conscious of the impact that its activities have on the countries it interacts with, committing to and  participating in those local economies.

In addition to purchasing Falcon Yachts, T-Quest Holdings has achieved successful restructuring of local businesses along with the renovation and redevelopment of its freehold site in Pisa, Italy, thoroughly modernizing and equipping the facility.

Our Values

Inspired by adventure, crafted in elegance since 1988

Freedom without compromize

Unparalleled craftsmanship

Spirit of adventure

Made in Italy

Falcon Yachts ali

Iconic italian shipbuilding

The Shipyard

Teamwork, Trust, Technical experience and world class management

Our modern production plant is in Tuscany, the heart of the historical shipbuilding region in Italy.

Falcon Yachts builds its luxury Superyachts in a plant located in Pisa Navicelli, Italy, inside the facility of Cantieri Navali Suprema.

Direct access to Livorno Harbour via the Navicelli Canal, allows for easy access to global shipping routes for the distribution of Superyachts, in addition to the cruising grounds of Tuscany and the Cote D’Azur.

The location in Pisa is strategic, benefiting from a local workforce with centuries of shipbuilding skills and authentic culture of artisan craftsmen and women.

Falcon Yachts shipyard building
Shipyard Falcon Yachts

We combine the experience of several generations of boat manufacturing craftsmen and women with cutting-edge technology and the passion of an extremely qualified engineering team.


The shipyard benefits from unrivalled access to subcontractor and suppliers as a result of the Italian motor yacht industry centering around Tuscany. The proximity to the supplier and subcontractor base allows the shipyard supremely experienced management team to secure absolute best value for labour and parts.


The shipyard is the only freehold yard in the area. The full frontage to the Navicelli Canal provides direct water access with a substantial travel lift providing launch and haul-out services.


6,700 sqm of purpose built sheds

4,000 sqm of uncovered hard stand.

Falcon Yachts ali